The Stars


Elena Ramazanova

(Moscow, Russia)


- Founder and President of The League of Bellydance Masters, one of the most famous Russian dancers, a recognized expert in the field of oriental dance and undeniably number one choreographer in Russia in classical and folklore Arabic dance. Elena spent 11 years working in Egypt, also as a dancer worked on contracts in many Arab countries (the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, and others). Her favourite style is the Arabic folklore, which carries the unique characteristic of mannerism and humour.

 Darya Mitskevich  

(Kramatorsk, Ukraine)


Alexey Ryaboshapka

(Donetsk, Ukraine)


- Choreographer, teacher and performer of bellydance, a member of the League of Bellydance Masters and a student of Elena Ramazanova. His performances admired in many countries (Russia, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, China, Germany, Spain, France, Chile, Cyprus, and others). Workshops with him show a new approach to bellydance. He is passionate about both modern, as well as classical Raqs Sharki and folklore dances of the Middle East.
Alexey has its own dance school "RA-studio" in his hometown - Donetsk. He says about himself: "My artistic path is only just beginning, but the most important thing is for me to share knowledge with others .I love my work, my art, and my students."



(London, UK)



- Ozgen has performed, taught, choreographed and directed for the last 15 years. In Istanbul, he starred in "Night of the Sultans", combining contemporary dance, ballet and oriental dance and taught for them for several years. He is now based in London, teaching and performing Turkish Oryantal & Romani (Gypsy) dance styles internationally.